Thursday, February 15, 2018

°˖✧✝ All of My Lolita Purchases in 2017 ✝✧˖°

It's that time again when Western Lolitas share their current wardrobe with the Lolita community! This happens every new year within the month of January, so the community can see what pieces Lolitas will be sporting for the up coming year. And as a participator, it also serves as a way to reflect how far you've come or which direction you want to go with your own wardrobe moving forward.  

But since last year, I've been doing my wardrobe post a bit differently. I've gotten to a point where I have acquired a lot of pieces in my wardrobe. So instead of documenting the entirety of my wardrobe, I only show everything I've purchased that year. If you're interested in what I bought in 2016, you can read about it here.

All pictures are stock photos or reference pictures taken by the sellers I've bought my items from unless otherwise stated. All items are listed in the order they were purchased, from my first order in January 2017 to my last in December 2017.

Metamorphose OP With Detachable Collar

I started the year off right by finally getting one of my dream dresses!
I'm saving to wear it for a special event.

Metamorphose Bloomers 

Putumayo Purse

This is my forth Patchy/ Putumayo item (Patchy items were sold through Putumayo
(I'm guessing a Putumayo designer created the Patchy line))!

And even though the bat wings are a clear indicator of it being a Patchy
design, I have a brand mook with this exact purse being apart of
Putumayo's 2006 winter collection, so I'm labeling
it as Putumayo here.   

BABY, the Stars Shine Bright Jacket With Detachable Winged Lapels and Cuffs

I can't even put into words how much I love this jacket.
It's so ridiculous and has everything I love about older Lolita designs.

BABY, the Stars Shine Bright Skirt

Visible Blouse and Skirt Set with Detachable Jabot 


Now, if you've been following me of awhile, you'd know that I'm not
shy when it come wearing reschel lace (on brand pieces!!!). So, when looking
at the stock photos of this set, it didn't look that bad to me. But when I
saw it in person... oh, dear... It was terrible.
Terrible to the point where it's not even wearable

My friends and I had a good laugh about it, though.
Maybe I'll get around to making a separate post about how bad it is.

Metamorphose Skirt

Metamorphose Skirt

Black Peace Now (BPN) Purse 

beauty:beast 3-Way Bag

This was one of my Old School "holy grail" items.
I was so happy to have finally found a beauty:beast bag, and for cheap, too!

I soon learned why it was so cheap, though, once I saw it in person.
Because the bag is so old, the material is flaking apart. Like, even if you slightly
rub against it, the material just disintegrates. I really have no idea how to
preserve it, and I'm incredibly sad about it.    

Heavy Red Jacket

Here's another wacky piece I bought this year.
The things on the shoulders are supposed to be roses, but my friends
and I like to joke that it's poop, hehehe~

This jacket doesn't really really fit the initial Lolita silhouette, but I think
it's very Mitsukazu Mihara-esque, so I want make an
"avant garde" coord with it.

Innocent World Bonnet 

BABY, the Stars Shine Bright Blouse

Emily Temple JSK

BPN Necklace 

Putumayo Cutsew

BA-TSU x Kyo (Dir en grey) Collaboration T-Shirt

If you look closely, you can see that the shirt's print is
made up o fa picture of  Kyo's face.

Roo I.N.G. x Kyo (Dir en grey) Collaboration T-Shirt

Cornet OP

I thought this OP was very silly, so I bought it.

BABY, the Stars Shine Bright Blouse with Detachable Sleeves 

Any picture with this background and mannequin set-up
were taken by me.

Between switching phones, I lost certain stock/reference photos
for a few of my items.  

Black Peace Now (BPN) Purse 

h.NAOTO x Disney Two-Way Bag

Metamorphose Blouse and Caplet Set

Metamorphose JSK

Another one of my dream dresses.

I always see the red colorway up for sale, never the black one.
So I made sure to get this one when I had the chance.



Alice and the Pirates Gloves

These gloves were a birthday gift from a friend.
I talked a bit about them on my Facebook page here.

I also received my Milkribbon brooch I got from a group order on this day,
so I guess that's another item to add to this list.  

Ozz On Earrings 

BABY, the Stars Shine Bright Purse

Metamorphose Blouse and Caplet Set

Current Mood Shoes

BABY, the Stars Shine Bright Blouse

h.NAOTO Purse 

Metamorphose OP With Detachable Collar and Cuffs 

Millefleurs Skirt

Metamorphose Apron 

Metamorphose Headdress

Metamorphose Headdress

BABY, the Stars Shine Bright Headdress

Hello Kitty Case

I know this seems like a strange addition to my Lolita wardrobe,
but I bought this specifically for a Hello Kitty punk coord I was planning
to wear for RuffleCon (which may seem even stranger).

Trust me, though. The coord was very nice.   

For the coord, I ended up customizing the Hello Kitty case, so it
could fit my style a bit better.

I installed a removable chain strap with jump rings and some ribbon
attached to the ribbons that were already in the case, spray painted the
inside black, and decorated the outside.

If you're interested in seeing all of the preparations I did for
 RuffleCon last year, you can look at and read about them
here on my Facebook page.

And I know this is supposed to be a wardrobe post, but while I at it, here
is the coord I created with this Hello Kitty case for RuffleCon.

I think it came together quite nicely.

Alice and the Pirates Blouse with Detachable Jabot 

Victorian Maiden OP

I lost the original stock photo from the buyer I bought this
OP from. But I managed to find a stock photo from
the brand itself, Victorian Maiden.

In this photo, the OP is paired with a bustier that was released
during the same time as the OP. I do not own the bustier.

Here's a closeup of the OP's design.

The design are of cherubim (or maybe seraphim; I honestly
don't really know the difference) playing a horn type of instrument.

h.NAOTO Blood OP

The stock photo of the print is of the OP's front panel, which was cut with the
print upside down. So that's why this photo looks rotated. 



I bought this, because it was really cheap, and I like having toned down pieces
I can just thrown on when I don't feel like dressing up.  

Victorian Maiden Mini Hat

Handmade Tiered Skirt

This is the skirt I made for my Hello Kitty punk coord I wore at RuffleCon.

Ozz On Blouse

This blouse was a gift from a friend.

I would regularly see it on auction sites, but never bought it.
Once I saw it at RuffleCon's consignment and told my friend how much
I wanted it, they were kind enough to buy it for me! 

In my last wardrobe post, I thought it would be fun to write about the least and most expensive item I'd bought. But this year, I want to speak more on the purchases themselves. In 2016, I bought about thirty or so pieces. And I honestly thought that was a lot for one year. But for 2017, I ended up buying forty-nine pieces (almost fifty!). I don't know if deep in my subconsciousness I took it as a challenge to surpass my 2016 record, but something happened, because I really didn't go into 2017 thinking I would accumulate so many pieces by the end of the year.    

When I look back on everything now, I realize that my plan to limit everything I bought to a certain amount of money was counter-intuitive. It just made me get more smaller and cheaper items. For instance, I bought eight purses! I really didn't need to buy so many purses this year. But all of them were so cheap, and, for about half of them, I'd missed out on buying them in the past, so seeing them again gave me a chance to buy them.

I also bought a lot of blouses and cutsews. I don't regret buying them, though (I don't regret buying anything last year). Blouse were something I was lacking my my wardrobe. For some reason, there were a lot of sellers selling older, cotton blouses, which, as an Old School Lolita, was good for me. The current trend with blouses are for them to be made from chiffon. But blouses with material like that tends to clash with the Old School aesthetic.

All in all, I'm happy with my purchases. But I'm definitely not going to buy as much this year, hehehe~. I'm running out of space to put everything!

°˖✧ 'Till next time


  1. I know this is a super old blog post but I hope you return to blogging some day. I’m a black guy into EGA and vkei and also in NYC, so it’s cool to see someone else with similar interests. Your coords are always on point!