Friday, May 22, 2015

°˖✧✝ Lolita Blog Carnival: Design a Complete Coord for $100 ✝✧˖°

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I've been wanting to do a price rundown for one of my outfits for a while. And after a post on Ruffle Chat that linked a photo set of people listing the contents and prices of their outfits, my urge to make one grew stronger. But instead of coming up with the most expensive outfit I could, like the photo set sought out to do, I though it would be fun to show one of my cheapest. The post in Ruffle Chat was created in February, but I wanted to wait until I could actually wear the outfit I was planning on using. I ended up wearing the outfit in mid March, but then laziness caught the best of me and I put off making such a post. Though, wouldn't you know it, lemontree11 had planed a similar project, and posted a huge compilation of Lolita's outfits and their costs at the end of the same month! I didn't want to seem like I was bandwagon-ing, so I waited to post mine at a better time. And now, Lolita Blog Carnival has created the perfect excuse for me to do so!
You can read about the time I wore this outfit here

The task for the participants of Lolita Blog Carnival was for us to create a coord that's worth $100, but I went a bit over. It's just $8 extra, though. I'm sure you can let it slide this time. And for the sake of the price range, I didn't include any shipping or fees I may have paid for these pieces. Also, as a little note, I listed the Bodyline shoes as $21 because of the JPY to USD currency exchange rate at the time I had bought them. However, they are now $25, which is still a great price for platform shoes.  

So yeah, this is one of my cheapest coords using main brand pieces, if not the cheapest. Though, besides the backpack, I can say that, every other piece is of the cheapest items I have. Hence, this Black Peace Now blouse is the cheapest blouse I own, and the same goes for the skirt and shoes. 

I LOVE hunting for bargains and uncovering deals. My friends marvel at how cheaply I shop for Lolita clothes! I'm thinking about making more post like this one. I have a lot of great deals I'm willing to show.  

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