Wednesday, February 15, 2017

All of My Lolita Purchases of 2016

I've never done a wardrobe post, the yearly Lolita tradition where you photograph the entirety of your recent Lolita wardrobe and put it online for others to see. This practice is one that was created way back during the fashion's EGL LiveJournal era, and although the platform is hardly ever used anymore, some Lolitas go back at the beginning of every year to still post their wardrobes. Though, now through the uses of other platforms, like Tumblr or YouTube, many Lolitas decide to post their wardrobes in other places.

I've been asked before about the possibility of ever making a wardrobe post, but there's so much work that has to be put into doing one, that I usually give up on the idea before I even start. Not only that, but my wardrobe has grown significantly, so there would be a lot to photograph. So instead, to kick off the new year, I've decided to at least show all of the Lolita purchases I've made in 2016, along with showing what my least expensive and most expensive item was this past year! 

All pictures are stock photos or reference pictures taken by the sellers I've bought my items from unless otherwise stated. All items are listed in the order they were purchased, from my first order in January 2016 to my last in December 2016.

BPN (Black Peace Now) Blouse

Coffin Shaped Purse with Read Cross Design 

I bought this specifically to wear with my Lolita outfits,
but I haven't actually worn it with any. I also regret choosing the option for this jarring,
red crucifix  to be printed on the front, since I hardly ever wear red and black
and don't really care for the color combination.


Here's another piece I've never actually worn.
Honestly, this was something that I didn't really want, but it was so cheap and cool
looking, that I forced myself into buying it.

Patchy Change Purse with Chain

Atelier BOZ Long Organza Skirt

For some reason, in 2016, I was under the impression that I was going to try wearing Aristocrat,
since I do have other long skirts and dresses in my wardrobe (that I also never wear), so
I bought this Atelier BOZ skirt. But the reason why I  never created an outfit with it is because
I don't own any fancy, mature blouses to go with it.

Moi-meme-Moite Blouse 

I need to find a skirt or JSK I can wear this blouse with.
It's surprisingly hard to pair with anything in my wardrobe.

Alice and the Pirates Rectangle Headdress

BABY, the Starts Shine Bright Rectangle Headdress

Patchy 3 Way Bag with Detachable Wings

Words cannot explain how overjoyed I was to obtain this bag.
If material things could make make me cry, this would be the one.
I consider myself extremely lucky to have bought a Patchy bag that was in such good condition,
especially now really old and worn ones are being resold close to $200.
You can read the blog post I wrote about this bag here.

MAM Velvet OP with Detachable Collar and Sleeves 

I'm obsessed with black, velvet Old School Lolita pieces.

MAM Tote Bag

Emily Temple Cute OP

This is my first Emily Temple Cute piece!
I really like how Gothic it looks, even though Emily Temple isn't a Gothic brand.
People really don't believe me when I tell them which brand this OP is from.

Three Pairs of Printed Metamorphose Socks

I haven't yet found a way to wear any of these socks in a coord that doesn't look
like I'm haphazardly trying to shoehorn them into an outfit.

Angelic Imprint 6 Inch Platforms

This are currently my favorite Lolita shoes I've even owned., even if they can get a bit
wobbly depending on different surfaces.

They make my legs look so long!

Feathered Fan

I bought this fan for an Ero coord I wore last year, but I've decided to
use it for my go-to fan when it gets hotter in the summertime.

It's a lot fancier than the plain, lace fan I used last year.

Off Brand Lace Up Back Thigh Highs

Don't worry. I've made small lace toppers to go over the tops of these stockings
to make them more appropriate for Lolita outfits. 

Iron Crown

This crown was actually sold just as home decor, but I saw the potential of turning
it into a headdress. But standing at a towering 7.5 inches, it is a bit large.

I also need to spray paint it an off white, since its current color, more of an antique white,
clashes with my wardrobe.

Mini Rhinestone Crown

Pleaser 7 Inch Platform Pumps

Some might be wondering how these shoes could be considered okay to wear with Lolita,
but I plan on wearing them with some of my more mature outfits.
And I wore them with an Ero outfit I made not long ago.

There goes my mini crown is this picture, too!

Metamorphose Skirt

I really should know the name of this Metamorphose print, since it's one of my favorites.
This is also the section piece I have from this series ( the first is the long OP version).  

Cornet Skirt


My first custew, and a fancy one at that!
I still can't stand or understand the butterfly motifs in Gothic Lolita, though.

Emily Temple Cute Velvet OP

At first glance, this OP may look extremely frumpy, but I see the potential in it.
Beside, I bought it because I need more easier pieces to wear.

I really dislike that there are daisies on the lace instead of roses, though.

BPN Blouse

This is my second bat wing BPN blouse (the first one is a white one
I've blogged about before).

Innocent World Velvet Skirt

More black velvet!

Metamorphose Blouse

Metamorphose 2 Piece Velvet Caplet 

Metamorphose Velvet Skirt

Metamorphose Organza OP with Circle Headdress

If you haven't noticed, I'm in love with Metamorphose's ridiculously,
lacey pieces with the terrible raschel lace Lolitas hate so much.

I have so many Metamorphose pieces that I want to make something
that has the phrase "I'm Meta-rific" on it.

Innocent World OP

I was really in love with is series when it first came out,
and really craved for the gray colorway of this OP. But after seeing the black colorway,
I knew I had to have it! Though, if I would've found this in 2015, I would've thought
I couldn't wear such a piece, because it seems way too fancy for my wardrobe. 

Innocent World Skirt

Another lovely Innocent World piece.
Again, maybe too lovely, since I don't have the right blouse and accessories for it.

Here comes the fun part- reveling what was the least and most expensive item I purchased last year!

Surprisingly, the least expensive item I bought last year was my BPN blouse.

Yes, it was cheaper than the feathered fan or any other accessory I bought. This is shocking to me, too. Without fees included, I snagged this blouse for about only $4. It's not like the blouse was damaged or discolored, either, just wrinkled with a slight worn feeling to it. Considering how little I paid for it, this was an incredible find, and I wish to find more just like it this year.

So, what was my most expensive item I purchased last year? *drum roll*

It was my Patchy 3 way bag with detachable wings, of course!

Next to my Atelier BOZ Carroll Sharon OP, that I purchased firsthand from BOZ's website, via shopping service (you can see the dress and read about the meet I wore it to here), this is the second most expensive item I've bought in my entire Lolita wardrobe. With fees included, I ended up paying about $150 for it. And to a lot of Lolitas, $150 my not seem like much, but considering all of the inexpensive, secondhand Lolita pieces I hunt for online, the price is very steep for me. But I don't regret purchasing, one bit. 

°˖✧ 'Till next time

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

°˖✧✝ Create a List for Lolita New Years Resolutions ✝✧˖°

I made it through one more year in Lolita fashion, and thankfully, every year becomes better than the last. I've grown so much, in regards to defining my style and expanding my wardrobe. Hopefully, I can continue to create an even better experience for myself in this new year. And to keep me on track, I decided to use Lolita Blog Carnival's event, creating a list of New Years resolutions for Lolita. I wasn't actually able to participate in this event in the week it was originally posted, but I thought it would still be a great topic to write about on my own time.

Honestly, I'm usually bad with New Years resolutions, but I'm determined to stick to this specific set. I've come to realize that the reason why I have had a bit of a difficult time with New Years resolutions in the past is because I tend to set high expectations for myself that are a bit demanding. So in the end, I wind up falling short for many of them. In an effort to rectify that this year, I've decided to make a list that's more realistic for me. Because of that, this list may appear to be a bit minimum and exiguous. But anything else would be overwhelming for me, so it's best to start off small. 

Create Coordinates That Are More "Dolly" Looking

There's a certain stigma I've notice in the Western Community about the more "dolly" aspect of our fashion, as of late, which is understandable, seeing as many Lolitas have interests in things that are perceived to be youthful and childish, and we don't want outsiders to the fashion to conflate our interests as some sort of fetish or weird obsession. Also, with the current set of trends, the "look" that's now being pushed for Lolita is one that's more mature and regal looking, and many people in the fashion have taken this shift of trends as some sort of amelioration from, in their words, "mistakes" of the past. But instead of  being apart of those who condemn part our fashion's history, I praise it unconditionally. 

I guess in the end, though, it really comes down to a person's taste. Some people love the dolly appearance, and others hate. I, for one, am one of those people who take the former view, especially since getting more into Old School Lolita. And it was one that came very naturally for me. On their own, I already loved frilly peter pan collars, princess sleeves and peeking bloomers. When pieced together, I noticed how outfits like these looked very similar to the styling of an antique porcelain doll, which is where I got the term "dolly" from to describe this certain look. I've also always loved the more whimsical and fantastical aspect of our fashion, so going forward this year, I really want to continue making more of these sort of extreme looks.

And since the new year started, I've all ready purchased some frillier, dolly styled pieces, one of which being Metamorphose's Gobelin Teddy Bear Trumpet Sleeve OP (this has been on my wishlist for years)! And the other, a pair of frilly, long, black bloomers.

I plan on buying one of those ridiculously large teddy bears to accessorize with this OP.
It's going to be so cute!

It's so hard finding longer bloomers now a days since the peaking bloomers
tread is over. So I was very happy to have found these!

 Wear More Items With Old School Imagery 

Photo from Rococo volume 2
Scanned by rainedragon.

Ever since I've been identifying more with the Old School aesthetic in our fashion, I've been increasingly studying any type of Lolita photos and illustrations from this era, which is from the late 1990s to 2006. And from what I've seen, there are certain images that were regularly used that are still conflated with our fashion today, even with the passing of trends. So in a way to improve my Old School wardrobe, so it won't just have the same plain, solid color pieces, I want to explore using more of these images in my wardrobe going forward. However, I don't really have much interest in incorporating all of them, though, so I've come up with the three that appeals to me the most.

  • Roses
Florals have always been popular in our fashion, but there's something about roses that feel more romantic and ornate. And after much observation, roses seem to be the primary flower used when embellishing more of the Gothic pieces in Lolita.
  • Crucifixes
Here's another Gothic element I want to wear more of this year. And although crucifixes aren't just specifically Old School, they're still very often used today, I would have to admit that they're popularity did began during Old School's era, thanks to the emergence of the Goth sub-culture in pop culture. I thing I've noticed in Old school Lolita, when it comes to crucifixes, is the placement. Instead of being hidden or sporadically placed on a print, they become the main focus, like a center piece.
  • Crowns
It wasn't until recently did I realize how pertinent crowns were to Old School's aesthetic, and now I can't help but to see them everywhere in old Lolita street snaps and illustrations! At first, when I started noticing the recurring crown image in Old School Lolita, it struck me as being more of a Classical concept more than anything,  which is why I shied away from it a bit, but I've come to realize that it's still capable of being used to give off a Gothic theme, too.

 Create and Participate in Lolita Photo Shoots 

Re-ri, Old School Lolita icon.

I've been in this fashion for a while now, but even when I did decide to actively become apart of the sub-culture, the olden days of Old School and it's aesthetic had, unfortunately, already started dwindling out. However, one aspect from this era that had somehow remained was the armature Lolita photo shoot. Just as the name suggests, this activity involves Lolitas who partake in photo shoots that are usually directed by themselves just for the sake of fun or for furthering different Lolita aesthetics through photography.

Apart from taking outfit shots or being in pictures taken from when I'm at meetups, I've never actually partook in a Lolita photo shoot, not even one of those "'round about town" ones, where it's mostly candid shots of Lolitas doing the most mundane things in different neighborhoods and settings. Now, all I want to do is take cheesy photos with my other Lolita friends in secluded cemeteries and stuffy antique shops. I want to be able to tell a story and continue to create certain themes with pictures.

Like I said in the beginning, this is a Lolita Blog Carnival topic, but I didn't get a chance to write and submit my post during the week it was created. So I decided not to put the Lolita Blog Carnival header in my post's title, but I did want to at least link the blogs that participated, even if I didn't get a chance to. I read through all of them, and they were really inspiring, so I knew I had to share them with my readers!

Make sure to check out Lolita Blog Carnival!
Lolita Blog Carnival is an online Lolita community of Lolita bloggers who come together to blog about certain topics each week to stimulate further ideas for great blog posts!

If you want to find out what are some other Lolitas' New Years resolutions, take a look at these other Lolita blogs:

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

°˖✧✝ Slight Visual Kei Haul ✝✧˖°

Look at what I just bought! It's a bunch of old school visual kei cassette tapes.

Besides being an Old School Gothic Lolita, I'm also an old school visual kei fan, specifically of bands from the '90s to the early '00s. I hardly ever get a chance to buy any music or merch from the old bands I like, though, because all of my extra money goes toward my Lolita lifestyle (wardrobe and meetups) and a lot of older visual kei stuff can rack up a hefty price due to exclusiveness. But I saw this bundle of cassette tapes being sold for only $10 and jumped on it!

I only know about half of the bands in this bundle. Those that I do know are really cool, and I trust the seller on that alone. The others have to be good, too (I hope)! The one tape that practically sold me on buying these tapes was the Aliene Ma'riage one. I've loved this band since I was in high school, but never got the chance to actually own anything by the band. So getting this tape means a lot to me. Owning something tangible from what the band produced makes me feel a connection to the band and apart of the time period.

Aliene Ma'riage was such a kooky and strange visual kei band in the already flamboyant visual scene, and I just love them. I like how during this time in visual kei, there were bands pushing boundaries to their visuals and weren't just creating looks that were necessarily pretty, but striking, with a new level of weirdness that was overall compelling.

If anyone is interested, here's the PV that solidified me forever as an Aliene Ma'riage fan. However, be warned, I guess it can be said that Aliene Ma'riage is only for those with eclectic tastes. Everything, from the music, vocals and video itself is bizarre. 

Now I have to try and find an actual cassette player, because I don't own one anymore, hehehe~. I really wish I would've cared to stop my mom from throwing out all of our old gadgets, since I did have a portable tape player when I was younger. But I'm thinking about getting this new casstte tape to MP3 music player from Amazon. Until then, though, I have don't have anything to play these tapes when they finally arrive. I have to figure out what I'm going to do soon, because I don't want to miss out on listening to some potentially good music any longer that I have to!

This is way too high tech than what I actually need, but for some reason, it's hard finding regular, reasonablely priced tape players. But if I can get the MP3 converter feature to work on this one, that means I'll be able to share the music with others, which would be great for other old school visual kei fans.

°˖✧ 'Till next time