Friday, July 28, 2017

°˖✧✝ A Little Trip to the Movies + Bakery ✝✧˖°

Movie poster for The Little Hours.

Source: IMDb

About two weeks ago, scrolling through my Facebook page, I came upon an advertisement for a newly released independent film called The Little Hours. The advertisement was of one of the film's trailers, with the opening clip being of Aubrey Plaza dressed as a nun screaming in the ear of a silent, still, and a bit annoyed Dave Franco. At first glance, I thought the video was of a comedy scene apart of a sketch, but realized it was formatted more like a movie trailer (turn to find out, it was), which confused me, because everything from the story to the characters seemed too bizarre to be an actual film. Even after I watched the entirety of the video clip, I was still sure it had to be a comedy sketch spoofing different movies. But sure enough, there was a little button at the bottom of the advertisement to "Learn More" about theaters near me and ticket prices.

A still of a scene with Dave Franco and Aubrey Plaza
from The Little Hours.

Source: IMDb

The clip I saw on Facebook was only forty-seven seconds, but I can't find it on YouTube to share here. If you have a Facebook account and wish to see the one I saw that initially peaked my interest, you can watch it here. The trailer linked below is one of the movie's full length trailers, it seems, and pretty much gives away most of the movie and funnier jokes.

All in all, I would say that the movie was... okay. It wasn't great, but it also wasn't terrible, even for a deadpan comedy with a slew of sexual high jinks. The rating for this movie on IMDb was a 6.6/10, but, personally, I feel like it was more at a 5/10. One of the most recurring criticisms I've read about the movie is that the movie itself doesn't really feel like a movie, but more like a number of smaller sketches interwoven to create the story's plot line. On a positive note, I did end up enjoying the movie on a base level.

I had wanted to wear a nun or religious theme coord to match the movie, but the temperature was very hot that day and my nun styled pieces are heavy and intended for colder weather. And besides, for some reason, I felt the urge to wear one of my older Metamorphose temps de fille OPs more than anything. The lace on the OP's collar has crucifix details on it, though. So I guess that makes up for it.

OP: Metamorphose temps de fille
Headdress: Handmade
Socks: Innocent World
Bag: Off brand
Shoes: Angelic Imprint

Because this is an independent movie that just recently came out, not a lot movie theaters that plays big budget, blockbuster-type of films were showing it. So, I had to go to a theater that specializes in exclusively showing independent films. I've always passed the theater that I went to, but never actually went in. And because of that, I was taken aback a bit when I entered the doors and went into what looked like the entrance of a neglected, neighborhood shopping center. 

This is what I saw when I first walked in.
There are missing ceiling panels!

But, I guess this is the real theater entrance. 

Across the walkway from the theater was another establishment.
It looked like it could have been a restaurant. 

I must say, though, once I got to the ticket booth and inside the theater, it did actually look like a typical movie theater. I didn't take pictures inside, because the theater was a bit small with about only four workers, that I could see, and they were all staring at me the whole time, so I didn't want to look even more weird just going around taking pictures.

A nice thing happened while I was at the theater, though. One of the workers recognized that I was wearing a Lolita outfit and complemented me on my coord! However, I don't think she quite understood the fashion. After the complement, she asked what character I was. But, it was alright. She was really nice, even when I told her I wan't dressed up as anything; I was just myself dressed in frilly clothing.

Art pieces on the wall.

Another thing I noticed, while I was in the building, were a couple of art pieces on display on one of the walls. It seems like it's a wall for artist in the community to get a chance to show off their work, which I thought was a cool thing to do.

After the film was over, I decided I wanted to stay in the area a little longer, since it was such a nice day. Being in the area made me remember a certain bakery I went to a couple of years back, and I wanted to go see if it was still there. Unfortunately, by now, I had forgotten the name and how the storefront had looked; I only remembered the area it was in. Thankfully, it was still there! It was nice to see that they hadn't closed down the shop since the last time I came.

Counter of Small Cakes.

Some of Small Cakes' ice creams.

The bakery, which they cleverly call a "cupcakery," because they specialize in cupcakes, is named Small Cakes. They have many signature cupcakes as well as a selection of specialty ice cream flavors. I only anticipated on buying one or two cupcakes, but they had a sale, where if you bought three, you would get a fourth one free. They had so many different kinds of cupcakes, that it was hard to pick just two anyway, so I decided to get four.

I forget the actual names (sorry), but from top left to right:

Oreo cupcake, Cookie Monster cupcake,
Caramel Pretzel cupcake, Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake

The storefront is a bit small, with only two tables in the back, but I managed to get a seat so I could admire my cupcakes a bit more before I left. I really love cupcakes and taking pictures with cupcakes!

Even though Small Cakes is small, I like how the shop is decorated. They have a lot of decorations without the shop looking or feeling cluttered. I felt so happy being in such a cute place!

  °˖✧ 'Till next time