Thursday, March 3, 2016

°˖✧✝ I'm a Gothic Pokemon ✝✧˖°

Someone posted a link to an article listing Lolitas from animes in a Lolita humor group and one of the "Lolitas" listed was the Pokemon Gothitella. 


Between the name and design, it's obvious that the Pokemon was developed after Gothic Lolitas, specifically ones who dress in an Old School style. That alone would make me want to identify with it, but there was something about the design that didn't really resonate with me. I then remembered that Gothitella was an evolution of the Pokemon Gothorita. 


If anything, I feel as though Gothitella's design is more mature and comes off as being more Aristocrat than Lolita. However, Gothorita's look is cuter and embodies the youthfulness that Lolita fashion tends to create. So I asked my friends which one I looked like more, Gothorita or Gothitella? Unanimously, they said Gothorita. One of the main reasons being because of the "Mana hair."

I'm I Mana now?

My friends and I have an indside joke about me having "Mana hair."

After helping me decide which Pokemon I looked like, some of my friends went on to pick a Pokemon that looked like them too.

The resemblance is uncanny.

But it wasn't until one of my friends put an Alice and the Pirates tricon hat on a Pokemon to look like her, did I think to add things to Gothorita to make it look more like me. 

Ouji Espurr

Though, there wasn't much I needed to change or add to make Gothorita look more like me, since it's body was literally made to look like a black OP with white bows on it. So instead, I went with adding some of my signature aspects. If I could reduce myself to two things, it would definitely be black lipstick and crosses. 

I want to get a lot of Gothorita stuff now since we're obviously twins. 

°˖✧ 'Till next time