Saturday, October 12, 2013

°˖✧✝‘Tis the Season to be Ghastly✝✧˖°

Ever since the weather started warming up a few months back, I have been counting the days until fall arrived. And from there, the day until Halloween would come as well. Though, as some people would agree, Halloween is not just a singular holiday; it’s a complete seasonal celebration. Much like Christmas, I treat Halloween to be just as festive and as a month long merry occasion.

Source: Tumblr

For any Gothic Lolita trying to incorporate the fashion’s style into other areas of their life, the Halloween season is the perfect time to bulk up on reasonable priced themed trinkets and haunting decorations. This time of the year give us Gothic Lolitas an easier time finding such novelties that suit the clich├ęd Gothic themes that our fashion so desperately loves. We have an entire month that caters to a part our fashion’s interests and inspiration; even it isn’t a direct favor from big crafting franchises or generic dollar stores. In October, everything that is darkly mysterious and eerie is displayed in the front of stores for our convenience, and I relish it. I just hope I can get everything that catches my eye, from the cute fuzzy bat pencil toppers to the decadent candelabras.   
°˖✧'Till next time