Monday, January 13, 2014

°˖✧✝Long Time No See✝✧˖°

When I signed off my last blog post with my signature, “‘till next time,” I didn’t expect the next time to be next year! I guess the biggest question that needs to be asked is what I have been doing these past months. In short: NOTHING, or at least nothing that needed to be blogged about. Since the beginning of November, I’ve been more preoccupied with my studies and the projects and papers that follow them, so I haven’t been involved with anything within the fashion. Personally, I find November to be a bit of a bore anyway. My state’s Lolita group didn’t even have anything planned. It seems as if we all were waiting for something more festive than cranberry sauce and turkey legs.

             I was desperately looking forward to December, the time of merriment, so I could be a part of the activities. I even rallied for December meets in my states’ group. Unfortunately, I was buried so far in projects that my Lolita plans fell through. I even missed the event planed for International Lolita Day *tear*. Out of all of the meets planed, missing that one hurt the most (right in the heart). On the bright side, I guess my academic focus was worth it because I made Dean’s List at my college! Honestly, it has been a while since I’ve made Dean’s list, so I’m completely trilled. I had to treat myself for my accomplishment.

             So I went out to a little café called Petit Paris, or Le Petit Parisien, to commemorate my hard work. I live in a relatively small town with more houses than anything else, so I had to travel two towns over to get to the café. I didn’t mind though, seeing as it took no time to get there and I was recommended to go to the café from a couple of my classmates. I was actually asking about nice cafés in the area around our university with a friend but our classmates got involved and they all suggested Petite Paris! So I had to go check it out, if not for the proposal, then for the sake of not being left out of the loop, hehehe.

             The shop’s décor is least to be desired and borders on plain. Though, I did like the huge, black decorative mirror that hung on the wall and their menus typed in French. The French was a nice touch, but proved to be a hassle. I couldn’t pronounce the dishes to save my life, and I did in fact try. In the end, I shamefully pointed to the dish that I wanted when the waitress came over to take my order. Hearing her elegantly pronounce the French as if it was her first language assured me that saying nothing was for the best. 

I'm a little upset that I didn't get a drink with my order. Next time I'll have to get their cappuccino. I hear great reviews about its taste.  

I ended up getting a sandwich with chicken, bacon, boiled egg slices, tomatoes, and a lightly seasoned tangy mayonnaise. It even came with a side salad, a nice refreshing bonus! I only got trough half of the sandwich until I started to get full. The portions are very generous at Petit Paris! Afterwards, I went a bakery that I had pasted on the way and got a cupcake. It was chocolate on chocolate topped with brownie chunks. It looked so good that had to eat it right away! Hence, there is no picture, but it was oh so yummy.

I didn't actually wear any Lolita clothing this day due to the below freezing temperature and the recent snow fall. My poor little legs couldn't handle it. I decided to dress my hair up in the style instead. Hair Loli! 
BONUS: I changed my hair! Now I have cute ringlet pigtails to suit my old school Gothic Lolita passions. I really love pigtails and would wear my hair the style everyday if I could. I think I channel this love from childhood. Even though I wanted pigtails, my mother would never put my hair in them. But now that I’m an adult, I can put them in the style as much as a want (so mature)!

             My pigtails still get mixed review from the common folk that I pass in the course of a day. They either love it or hate it. But the ones that do love them always have such strange remarks! It’s as if the sight of abnormal hairstyles calls for a story or explanation to match. The “no, I just wear this because I like it” reply just doesn’t suffice. When I was out at Petit Paris, a woman asked if I was a hair model! The question was so weird and funny at the same time. The people that do have such jobs are like mythical creatures to me, I’ve never actually known anyone to be one or have friends who personally know one. The woman was so sure though! So, the woman has convinced me. In my next life I shall be a hair model… specifically for Gothic Lolita styles. Gothic Lolita Bible, hit me up!

°˖'Till next time