Friday, February 14, 2014

°˖✧✝Be My Valentine, Fringeless Lolita✝✧˖°

In my last post, I put up a picture of me with a new hairstyle. The picture showed a generic Lolita hairstyle that is very reminiscent to the hair seen in the fashion, hair pulled up into two high, curly ponytails. But there was one unique factor- no fringe. That’s right, I’m going fringeless. Someone call the Lolita police.

Okay, so the Lolita police don’t exist and the phrase is clearly a smart-alecky joke for Lolitas to express their disdain for the invisible, and yet omnipresent, Lolita ruler that makes soft guidelines into ridge, golden rules. But with the amount of Lolitas that are inclined to don the cut, whether they be professional models, regular people shown in a Japanese fashion magazine’s street snaps, Tumblr Lolitas, or the ones in your local community, the amount of fringed beauties can be both unbelievably daunting and phenomenally influential. It’s hard to not to be expected to be seen with the same cut when so many others have it. The fringe is the one thing that always seems to remain in style. Regardless of the changes in season or era, you’ll see that the fringe is one of the main elements that connect all Lolitas together. And now, decades into the fashion, the hair is still as much present as it was before. And no one really needs to tell you, you just know.

The Lolita Saints! Lolita memes in English on Facebook

But what about the fringeless Lolita? Do they even exist? Of course they do! They vary in between the abundances of fringed ones, but they are around, and have been around for longer that one would think.  When I was lurking around the Tumblr page of Old School Lolita admiring the older styles, I was taken aback when I saw an old advertisement showcasing a lovely Lolita. She had two darling ponytails that dangled effortlessly from the back of her head in soft curled spirals. Her forehead remained bare, which allowed for the shorter hair of her hairline to be swept backwards into light waves. The hair gave off a youthfulness that captured her natural beauty. I was in love! (In layman’s terms, she is undeniably cute.)  

Such a cutie! Doesn't she just give of an innocent aura? 
I don’t know her name and wish that I knew more of her modeling career. All I know is that she’s gorgeous and that her hairstyle heightens her beauty.  I’m smitten. It’s official; she’s my Valentine for today. Fringeless Lolita-chan, PLEASE BE MINE!
Okay, so on a serious note, the thought of not having a fringe or any type of bang was terrifying to me at first. I've been sporting a side bang for years and not having one now is still very new. I felt comfort being able to hide behind my bangs. But, without one, it’s as if I'm being completely trusted forward in a crowd (you see EVERYTHING). Even though I love my hairstyle, I still feel slightly insecure before I walk outside. I question the completeness of my makeup, judge my looks, and frown at the size of my forehead (as a child I was always made fun of for it). Nevertheless, I've come to believe that not having a fringe has given me the right kind of boost in self-esteem. When I wear my hairstyle, I’m forced to look at myself and reconcile with the insecurities that I have been fostering for years. I’m able to see all of me and smile when I do so. It’s not a big one, but I’m glad that it now shows up more than once and an awhile.       

°˖'Till next time