Saturday, May 30, 2015

°˖✧✝ Time After Time Capsule ~New York City~ ✝✧˖°

Source: Sebastian Masuda Official FB page

Even though I haven't been blogging much this month, I've been involved with some fantastic events. And I kicked this month off with a major one- finally meeting Sebastian Masuda! In addition to this friendly meet and greet, I was able to participate in a one of his landmark art projects, the Time After Time Time Capsule. 

Sebastian Masuda is a renowned art director, both within Japan and abroad. He is also the founder of the influential store 6%DOKIDOKI. The store itself is instantly recognizable and has created a strong following internationally, but Sebastian Masuda is most famously known for his visual work with Kyary Pamyu  Pamyu. Thanks to Japan Society, Sebastian has been to New York City may times before, from meet and greets to displaying art exhibits. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to any in the past. So this opportunity turn out being extremely special for me. 

Source: Sebastian Masuda Official FB page

For this art project, Sebastian asked participants to bring an object that they thought was cute or meaningful to place in the Hello Kitty time capsule so we could "share our colorful future together!!" As a subtle acclamation, I decided I wanted to bring something Hello Kitty to complement the capsule's theme. I ended up bringing an old Hello Kitty lunchbox I had since I graduated high school.

While I choose to bring a item I already had, others went a step further and sought inspiration from Sebastian to create something special for the capsule. The handmade pieces people brought were no less than amazing, but the ones that stood out to me the most were the ones children created from their time at the Japan Society. Instead of keeping to himself on this trip to New York City, Sebastian volunteered some of his time at classes and workshops at Japan Society by working with children in a way to help express themselves through different art medias. On the day of the capsule ceremony, some of the children brought their art pieces to celebrate with us. How cute!       

Source: Sebastian Masuda Official FB page

Look how great this picture is! The world needs more people like Sebastian.

I came the the event when it was half way in, and was told that the crowd had died down a bit. However, a good amount of people who came at the start of the event were still there, and were persistent about staying the entire 4 hours! Though, no one would have been there as long as Sebastian would. But even so, you could see how dedicated he was with meeting everyone who came and how genuine he was. I admire his patience.
The only reason why I look so tall is because we're on a slope.
I promise!   

Here's a better shot of my complete outfit and a closeup of my accessories. I didn't blend in with the crowds of pastels and other bright colors, but I wanted to at least partake in the avant-garde atmosphere. This is the most ridiculous blouse I own and I absolutely love it! I hope to find the white colorway if it, because this blue with white pinstripe is hard to pair with anything.       

Blouse: Alice and the Pirates
JSK: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Backpack: Patchy
Accessories: Handmade or Thrifted

Here's an video one of my friends did for the event. The video is of her asking attendees what components and inspiration went into their outfits.

Sebastian's Time After Time is an on going art project that he plans on doing in ten cities around the world. I believe New York City was is second stop and last year in Los Angeles was his first. In 2020 at the Olympics in Tokyo, he plans on combining all ten time capsules into a tower (source)! So I'm apart of history... in the future!

After the event, my friends and I decided to go to the Japan Society and try out their purikura booth. The booth was there to promote an exhibit that month and only stayed for a limited time. I'm glad I got the chance to use it before it was gone.

This is just the lobby! It's seriously pretty in there.

I wish I lived closer to the Japan Society. They always have an event
I want to go to, but they end up being on a weekday or at night.  

Just hanging out with the #homies.

We had some trouble stuffing all four of us in the booth and posing, but we did our best! Afterwards, we headed out to find a restaurant (we never know were we're going!). We ended up at a restaurant/ramen bar called Lucky Cat, hence all of the maneki nekos in the following pictures.     

The interior was stylish, but playful at the same time (that maneki neko is as tall as me)!
It looked like they were going for chic otaku!

Yes, that's Ranma 1/2 playing over the bar.

Sukitama Don: Beef, Egg, Tofu, and Onions with Soy Sauce on Rice
Dessert: Black Sesame Seed Ice Cream (my favorite)

I ordered their special Lucky Cat Soda too. It it came in a cute glass bottle.
I think the flavor was honey! I still have the bottle as a memento.

Check out our receipt. The waiter handed it to us in a manga! Cute, right?

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Friday, May 22, 2015

°˖✧✝ Lolita Blog Carnival: Design a Complete Coord for $100 ✝✧˖°

Screenshot from Ruffle Chat on Facebook

I've been wanting to do a price rundown for one of my outfits for a while. And after a post on Ruffle Chat that linked a photo set of people listing the contents and prices of their outfits, my urge to make one grew stronger. But instead of coming up with the most expensive outfit I could, like the photo set sought out to do, I though it would be fun to show one of my cheapest. The post in Ruffle Chat was created in February, but I wanted to wait until I could actually wear the outfit I was planning on using. I ended up wearing the outfit in mid March, but then laziness caught the best of me and I put off making such a post. Though, wouldn't you know it, lemontree11 had planed a similar project, and posted a huge compilation of Lolita's outfits and their costs at the end of the same month! I didn't want to seem like I was bandwagon-ing, so I waited to post mine at a better time. And now, Lolita Blog Carnival has created the perfect excuse for me to do so!
You can read about the time I wore this outfit here

The task for the participants of Lolita Blog Carnival was for us to create a coord that's worth $100, but I went a bit over. It's just $8 extra, though. I'm sure you can let it slide this time. And for the sake of the price range, I didn't include any shipping or fees I may have paid for these pieces. Also, as a little note, I listed the Bodyline shoes as $21 because of the JPY to USD currency exchange rate at the time I had bought them. However, they are now $25, which is still a great price for platform shoes.  

So yeah, this is one of my cheapest coords using main brand pieces, if not the cheapest. Though, besides the backpack, I can say that, every other piece is of the cheapest items I have. Hence, this Black Peace Now blouse is the cheapest blouse I own, and the same goes for the skirt and shoes. 

I LOVE hunting for bargains and uncovering deals. My friends marvel at how cheaply I shop for Lolita clothes! I'm thinking about making more post like this one. I have a lot of great deals I'm willing to show.  

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