Saturday, July 25, 2015

°˖✧✝ R.I.P. The Dove Parlor ✝✧˖°

Source: The Dove Parlor website photos

Due to the current rent increase in New York City, many businesses, both small and fairly large, are put up to the regrettable task of closing down their storefronts, with The Dove Parlor being one of them. Though not as renowned as other parlors in the city, Dove provided an interesting cocktail bar meant for those with a curiosity of the underground culture. And it was literally underground! Down the slabs of steps and through a worn wooden door painted white, Dove opened up into a dark lounge with red, textured baroque wall paper, which coupled with the dark mahogany wood finishes throughout the lounge. The hearth with a group of flickering candles in place of a kindling fire added to the romantic atmosphere. Natural light came through the glass panels of the door, but dimmed lamps mounted on the walls and glimmering candles created most of the lighting inside.

The Dove was also the venue where a tea party was arranged for Misako when she visited New York City for a lecture, Lolita Fashion: Costume or Culture, at Japan Society last year. I wasn't able to go to either event, but dreamed about experiencing Dove myself, Misako or no Misako.

Though pretty, there are people in my community who infamously call this event the "Tea-less Tea Party."
It was labeled as a tea party, but there turned out to be no tea at all!

Never lie to a Lolita by saying there's tea when there isn't any.

There was a picnic arranged for the New York Lolita community the day before Dove's closing, and my friends and I originally planed on attending. However, the high possibility of rain forced the host of the meetup to postpone the event to a day with more favorable weather. Dishearten, some of my friends looked for other activities we could do that day instead. Remembering Dove's closing day, one of my friends decided that one last trip to the lounge would be more than sufficient.

My friend made our little gathering an open invitation, which garnered a fair amount of new Lolitas I've never met to come along with us, which is always great! Going to Dove in the evening seemed more fitting, so we agreed to meetup for a late lunch first. For fun, we chose Food Gallery 32 in Koreatown. Basically, it's a food court, but looks more like a food mall with its three floors. Asides from the the Red Mango and the eatery that sells taiyaki at the entrance, the bottom floor is reserved for savory appetizers and entrees. The top floor housed an interesting selection of desserts. There were so many choices!

Source: Food Gallery 32 website

After lunch, we brought some taiyaki on our way out to eat while at the lounge. Dove had a no outside food policy, but seeing as they were closing the next day, we assumed that it wouldn't be a problem. Thankfully, it wasn't! The staff was very open to us being there and didn't mind our little snack.

To show our support, everyone at least bought one drink. Yes, we were all of legal drinking age. I bought two, but because this meetup was some time ago, at the end of June, I've forgotten their names and ingredients. Though, I do remember the first one involved ginger and the second one used cranberries. I really wanted to try their absinthe, but they ran out.

First group shot of the day. Also, obligatory kawaii peace hand gesture.

Don't my legs look long in this photo?! 

We were at the lounge for I decent amount of time, playing games and exchanging stories, but decided to end everything before it got dark. The dimmed lamps with the lack of natural lighting didn't produce many desirable photos, so we tried outside, even though it was still raining!

The lighting looks so much better.

Everyone had brought an umbrella, so there was no real problem with taking pictures outside. This is why it's important to have accessories that coordinates well with your outfit. I opted out using an umbrella for my pictures. It seemed okay without one (but it really wasn't).

Jacket & Skirt Set: Metamorphose temps de fille
Blouse: Alice and the Pirates
Accessories: Handmade

This set has a detachable layer of organza ruffles underneath the collar and bottom of the jacket, but I took them off for a more relaxed outfit. I'm saving those attachments for an outfit that's more OTT. But even without the ruffles, this set has become my favorite piece in my wardrobe. I love the silhouettes of Metamorphose's sets. They always make me feel like a princess. Though, I'm pretty sure the reason is because of their bell sleeves.  

Here's a picture of me posing for another picture. I didn't even notice!

My sleeve just didn't want to cooperate that day, or my ribbons.

Without any context, it looks like my friend is scolding me!
"You can't do that in Lolita!"

She wasn't, though. She was telling what she was doing before the meetup.

After pictures, we eventually split up, with some going to the BABY store or finding a place that sold desserts. Not wanting to wait another hour for the train, I decided to go home. But when I got there, I found the courage to do something bold- take a picture with out my glasses!

I am pretty and I am allowed to feel as though I am pretty.

This is something I don't tell myself often. 
I have to start being comfortable with myself.

On the way to Dove, we were joking around about how it's frustrating to wear glasses in the rain and having them fog up, when I said that I could never go without wearing my glasses because of how insecure I am. One of my friends, who wears contacts, said that she felt the same way when she transitioned from her glasses, but insisted that I would look just as nice without them and hoped that I would be able to realize it for myself one day. I don't know why, but her words got the best of me and pushed me into doing such a thing. I still feel compelled to hide part of my face with glasses, but I am starting to consider contacts in the future.

°˖✧ 'Till next time