Sunday, November 27, 2016

°˖✧✝ Slight Visual Kei Haul ✝✧˖°

Look at what I just bought! It's a bunch of old school visual kei cassette tapes.

Besides being an Old School Gothic Lolita, I'm also an old school visual kei fan, specifically of bands from the '90s to the early '00s. I hardly ever get a chance to buy any music or merch from the old bands I like, though, because all of my extra money goes toward my Lolita lifestyle (wardrobe and meetups) and a lot of older visual kei stuff can rack up a hefty price due to exclusiveness. But I saw this bundle of cassette tapes being sold for only $10 and jumped on it!

I only know about half of the bands in this bundle. Those that I do know are really cool, and I trust the seller on that alone. The others have to be good, too (I hope)! The one tape that practically sold me on buying these tapes was the Aliene Ma'riage one. I've loved this band since I was in high school, but never got the chance to actually own anything by the band. So getting this tape means a lot to me. Owning something tangible from what the band produced makes me feel a connection to the band and apart of the time period.

Aliene Ma'riage was such a kooky and strange visual kei band in the already flamboyant visual scene, and I just love them. I like how during this time in visual kei, there were bands pushing boundaries to their visuals and weren't just creating looks that were necessarily pretty, but striking, with a new level of weirdness that was overall compelling.

If anyone is interested, here's the PV that solidified me forever as an Aliene Ma'riage fan. However, be warned, I guess it can be said that Aliene Ma'riage is only for those with eclectic tastes. Everything, from the music, vocals and video itself is bizarre. 

Now I have to try and find an actual cassette player, because I don't own one anymore, hehehe~. I really wish I would've cared to stop my mom from throwing out all of our old gadgets, since I did have a portable tape player when I was younger. But I'm thinking about getting this new casstte tape to MP3 music player from Amazon. Until then, though, I have don't have anything to play these tapes when they finally arrive. I have to figure out what I'm going to do soon, because I don't want to miss out on listening to some potentially good music any longer that I have to!

This is way too high tech than what I actually need, but for some reason, it's hard finding regular, reasonablely priced tape players. But if I can get the MP3 converter feature to work on this one, that means I'll be able to share the music with others, which would be great for other old school visual kei fans.

°˖✧ 'Till next time