Saturday, October 12, 2013

°˖✧✝‘Tis the Season to be Ghastly✝✧˖°

Ever since the weather started warming up a few months back, I have been counting the days until fall arrived. And from there, the day until Halloween would come as well. Though, as some people would agree, Halloween is not just a singular holiday; it’s a complete seasonal celebration. Much like Christmas, I treat Halloween to be just as festive and as a month long merry occasion.

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For any Gothic Lolita trying to incorporate the fashion’s style into other areas of their life, the Halloween season is the perfect time to bulk up on reasonable priced themed trinkets and haunting decorations. This time of the year give us Gothic Lolitas an easier time finding such novelties that suit the clich├ęd Gothic themes that our fashion so desperately loves. We have an entire month that caters to a part our fashion’s interests and inspiration; even it isn’t a direct favor from big crafting franchises or generic dollar stores. In October, everything that is darkly mysterious and eerie is displayed in the front of stores for our convenience, and I relish it. I just hope I can get everything that catches my eye, from the cute fuzzy bat pencil toppers to the decadent candelabras.   
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

°˖✧✝Golden Treasures: New Brooches✝✧˖°

I’ve fostered an increasing attraction to the color gold recently. The sight of a golden trim along a dress’ edge, or a slight glint of light that reflects off of a golden button or brooch makes me feel as if I’m receiving a surprising treat as I undercover a garment’s little accents. It’s this same amazed feeling I try to transmit into my own changing Gothic Lolita wardrobe.
Here are the new additions I’ve added to my brooch collection. They all are beautiful in their own little way. From their quaint designs, I imagined a different story for each of them as a stared at them from outside of their display case.
As you can see, the first brooch shows a whimsical design that is both decorative and elegant. It has a matt finishing that adds to its soft delicate appearance. At first, I wasn't planning on buying it. I was too confused by what its design was supposed to be! In the end, it was its ambiguity that lead me to purchasing it. I don't regret it. 
The moment I saw the crucifix, I knew that I had to buy it. Technically, it's not a brooch. There is supposed to be a chain or cording strung through the loop on top of it, but nothing like that came with it. The crucifix has two different sides: a smooth shinny backing and a dimmer textured front. The reason it attracted me the most is because of its simple design. Unlike the first brooch, this one is not as showy and can be accessorized more ways. I think there is modesty shown in its simplicity.
The last brooch just has a standard design that I like. There really isn't much else that distinguishes it from any other commonly seen brooch. Although, I do admire its diamond shape and oval pearl. Now that I look at the brooch more closely, it reminds me of a decorative door bell!                
Like in the western Gothic fashion, gold doesn’t appear that often in the Gothic Lolita aesthetic. It’s there, but certainly its presence is a small one. Generally, the styling sticks to darker monotone colors and is combined with silver as the primary metal. Choosing sliver is understandable because the color gives off a cold sophistication that seems to go hand-in-hand with the composed and mysterious traditional aura of Gothic Lolita. But I personally feel silver looks dull and spiritless when compared to the passion gold exudes. And I would even argue that the color gives off a more romantic and elegant appearance than silver. Gold captures the eye, while sliver sedates such passions for a lulled detachment of placidness.  
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There was a time when I wouldn’t even look in the same direction of anything gold. Anything that color was just ugly to me. Even if there was an object or piece of clothing I wanted with even a small incorporation of gold in it I would automatically hate it. I was finding myself asking sales clerks “Does this come in silver,” or telling myself “If only it wasn’t in this horrible gold” more often than I wanted to. Eventually, I became disgusted with the color out of frustration. I felt as if I could never have it on my body, ever. That’s why the people I’m close with would find my sudden reconciliation with the color so strange. And I don’t blame them; I’m still trying to figure it out too.
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But change is good and it brings out the unknown and undiscovered. I’ve come to a point now where I prefer gold’s warm glow versus sliver’s cool pallor. And that's okay.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

°˖✧✝Gothic Lolita on a Budget: Forever 21 Purse✝✧˖°

No Lolita can go without a purse. This will be very true if you ever intend on leaving the comfort of your home wearing the fashion. When it’ll comes time for you to go outside, you’ll be dressed in your favorite OP and you’ll look amazing in it, but where would all of your personal belongings go? All Lolita dresses and skirts don’t come with hidden pockets. Even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to fit everything you would need. The purse is made for practicality, but with a style as ornamented as Lolita, the ordinary and dull backpack or bag will not suffice. That is why obtaining a purse is a part of the basic foundation of a Lolita outfit. More importantly, you’ll need one that matches.

When new, eager Lolita begin to venture into the fashion, the advice they are given is not to be overzealous and buy frivolous items they might regret in the future or might not even need. Instead, they are directed to create a strong and sturdy wardrobe with dependable pieces that overlap multiple outfits. I don’t disagree with this method; not at all. I’ve based my own Lolita wardrobe on the same method.  But there comes a point where your ol’ faithful blouse, like many other pieces in a staunched wardrobe, becomes drab. Two years after “sticking to the basics” and only obtaining one main black purse shaped like a coffin to be stretched over multiple Gothic Lolita outfits, it was that same coffin purse that I continued to depend on time after time; forcing to make it fit. I love my little coffin handbag that has a charming shiny vinyl bat on its front, but wearing it has become increasingly tiresome. Yes, I’m a Gothic Lolita, but I wanted something more subtle; something even more versatile than the morbid designs of coffins, bats, and crucifixes. For those reasons, I went off this summer scouting purses I could incorporate into the fashion.  

Who would have thought I would find the exact purse I was searching for glittering through the wide windows of Forever 21 at the tail-end of summer? I can certainly say that I didn’t expect it.

I know of other Lolitas that find amazing pieces at common retail stores that seemingly integrates so well with the Lolita aesthetic. Though, of course these pieces aren't the main parts of a Lolita outfit like skirts or JSKs. Nevertheless, these retail finds prove to provide Lolitas with lovely earrings, tights, clips, bows and even the occasional blouse. I’ve never witness this first-hand until I recently took a spontaneous trip to the mall. I’m so glad that I went, because I'm completely in love with this purse.

Detachable Adjustable Strap
When I first stumbled upon the purse, I only saw the handle on the top of the bag. Even when I only thought it was a simple handbag, the purse still had an appealing attractiveness to it. So you can imagine my delight when I opened the bag and found in its contents a matching strap. The added strap gives the bag versatility and practicality. Instead of constantly worrying were my purse is I can have it hang off of me with security and have my hands ready if needed. Also, as a bonus, the strap length is perfect for the Lolita silhouette; the purse doesn’t come too high or too low when I put it on.   
Cute Black and White Striped Lining
I’ve had such pretty clothing or darling knickknacks that were ruined by obscene linings. Imagine buying the jacket of your dreams only to open it to reveal turquoise paisley fabric with orange polka dots scattered throughout it. Thankfully, that’s not found here in this purse. The simple black and white lining complements the simple design of the bag.      
Gold Details
I’ve developed a “thing” for gold. Gold accents give off a classy and timeless look, and it shows in this purse. As I’ve said above, the bag has a simple design, but it’s one that is equally recognizable. It was the gleam off of the front golden snap that actually made me notice the purse through the store’s window.    
I still don’t believe the price of this purse. It only cost $24.80! I’ve seen other purses at major retail stores like Macy and JC Penny, but the bags lacked in their cost efficiency as much as they did in appearance. Many of them ranged from $35 to $50 and wouldn’t be worth buying because of their tackiness.  But for $25, this Forever 21 purse is amazing.
Not Black Enough
When tried on at the store, the purse’s color was about a shade lighter than the black JSK I was wearing. There wasn’t a huge difference in color, but I still felt unsure with pairing the purse with my other black clothing. After staring into the store’s mirror for a couple of minutes and asking other people’s opinion, my doubt dissipated. It was said that the purse matched my outfit and that it even looked like I walked in the store with the purse already being apart if my outfit!   

All in all, I believe the purse to be a good buy. Not only is it priced reasonably, but for it being from a popular American chain store, it’s very reminiscent of the Lolita fashion. When I look at it, I can’t help but to be remembered of Angelic Pretty’s Moon Night Story shoulder bag; but of course with a more conservative look.     

Source: Hellolace. net

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


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I look forward to posting and hope to undercover something unknown about me and the Gothic Lolita fashion. Well, thank you for reading. 'Till next time...