Wednesday, December 24, 2014

°˖✧✝ I'm not Dead ✝✧˖°

I know, I'm terrible for not keeping up with my blog. I'm ashamed. But I'm back and ready to blog! So, what the heck have I been doing instead?

*drum roll*

I've graduated from my university! I'm finally done (for now). These last few months have been dedicated to getting me the heck out of school and I have succeeded, hopefully with flying colors (the only thing on my Christmas list this year are A's). Maybe this means more time that I can focus on my blog? I'm thinking, yes!  

It'll be too much to go into detail about the events that have happened to me since I last blogged in this one post, so I'll just skip to the most recent. I'm having a giveaway on my other blog on Tumblr! Yup, I made a Tumblr. And it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I'm not as obsessed over it as others predicted I would be, and I have already have a modest following over 300 people (Not a bad number for not posting regular selfies, hehehe~). 
What to be apart of the giveaway? Follow my Tumblr and reblog this giveaway picture.
It's that's easy!  
The prize is a mini Old School tote bag handmade by me. Isn't it cute? I'm seriously thinking about making them to sell, especially now that I have some time on my hands because I'm out of school. I'm glad my bag has already gotten a positive response with my followers. I can't wait to create more using Old School designs! 

This is a Tumblr only giveaway, but if someone sees this post in time and want to participate, here are the rules:

✝ Must be following me! FOLLOW HERE
✝Must be 18+ or have parent’s permission to give me your address to send you the prize if you win.
1 Like = 1 Entry + 1 Reblog = 1 Entry (you can reblog as much as you like) 
✝Ask box must be open. If no reply is received within 24 hours, a second winner will be picked. 
Winner will be chosen using
Thank You and GOOD LUCK!~ 

Oh, and I haven't forgotten  part 2 of my BABY Store opening post. It shall be on its way!

°˖'Till next time    

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