Tuesday, January 13, 2015

°˖✧✝ 1st Meetup of the Year ✝✧˖°

It doesn't sound too glamorous, but some Lolitas and I went to the BABY store in NYC to start up the new year. I was invited in December, but was hesitant because I didn't know the person hosting. However, I took a plunge and agreed to go because the same friend who invited me had agreed on going also. Plus, I was hoping the store would have some left over pieces from their winter sale (I'm a sucker for deals)! Even with my initial skepticism, the day turned out to be extremely fun and enjoyable.      

Disclaimer: I am in no way saying to indulge in risky encounters with unknown people, especially online. If you feel uncomfortable, please, do not force yourself into hazardous or dicey situations. Uncertainty is usually a sign for you not to do something. Have good judgement. And, above all, be safe.

Hat, Blouse, Shoes: Bodyline 
JSK: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright 
Socks: Metamorphose temps de fille 
Accessories: Handmade or thrifted

Here is my outfit for that day. I don't know, but every time I go to the BABY store I have an urge (or should I say feel pressured) to wear either BABY, the Stars Shine Bright or Alice and the Pirates. I should break the habit (I don't like feeling forced into doing something). I've had this JSK in my closet for awhile, waiting for the right time wear it. Though, mostly because I bought it in the middle of summer and was not brave enough to wear it in so much heat! I'm not so much in love with the socks in this outfit. I put them on because just as I was leaving out for the train, which was departing in about 15 minutes, I got a run in my tights! I quickly picked up the socks and left out the door. I wish most of my outfits were actual planed and not me rushing. Even the crucifix on my head was last minute! As I put my hat on at the door, I said to myself, "A cross would look really good on my forehead." 

At the store, I was hoping to find a black chiffon blouse hanging in the back of the rack with a 30% or 50% discount sticker, but, to no avail, there wasn't any thing left on sale. And to add to the loss, there weren't any black accessories left, AGAIN! There was a mere lonely black hair clip on display, but the metal was bronze, not gold like all of my other accessories. So in the display case it shall lay until some other Lolita comes and buy it. 

Some of the other Lolitas bought multiple pairs of stockings, but nothing big. As I said before, they just had a sale, and it was apparent. There were hardly much left on the racks (the signs of a good sale). You can tell they were wanting for new stock. There was even a mailman delivering their packages as we were shopping! I bet he brought in a black rectangle headdress. The world is working against me!    

I wasn't leaving the store without buying something, so I opted to purchase the latest Gothic & Lolita Bible. Being in the shop is always fun, though. And the sales clerks are right there to add to the atmosphere! When I was looking through the mook I just bought, I saw some pictures with a little Old School vibe to them, and I started saying things like, "See, Old School is coming back, baby" jokingly around the store. Everyone began laughing and added in on the fun, even the clerks! One of them changed the store's music playlist to Malice Mizer and repeated, "Old School is coming back!"

Excuse me while I waltz around the room.

Afterwards, we wondered into a Japanese restaurant. We didn't even know it existed even though it's located just around the corner from the BABY store. Thankfully, our inquiry turned out favoring for us and our empty stomachs! Not only does the restaurant have a chic interior, but they also have one of the greatest lunch specials ever.

My lunch special include a salad, miso soup, dumplings, a choice of meat
(I chose beef teriyaki), rice and sushi.
There were even sauteed vegetables underneath the beef! 

Can you believe it? I got all of this for $11. But don't let the cheap price fool you. The food was fantastically cook and prepared. But I'm kinda biased towards darkly lit restaurants~      

But then darkly lit restaurants means the bright, unforgiving flash of cameras! Gurrrr~
My new friend, Jasmine and I.

Not wanting to leave the city without desert, we stopped at the bakery, Sweet Buttons. Their mini cupcakes are the cutest! On the way back to our meeting point, we stopped at Kinokuniya for some intense magazine and mook shopping. (Pictures aren't allowed in the store, and I tried to respect their rules, so this portion of the post has no pictures.) After browsing through everything, I decided to purchase Otome no Sewing Book 6, the latest in the series. Book 3 was calling me too. I  feel like I should have bought it as well. I'm going back into the city this week, so maybe I can pick it up then!

 And of course, my sweet tooth does not end, so we stopped in another sweets shop, Crumbs. I've never been there before, but I just might have to become a regular! Everything I learned about nutrition in health class should tell me not to, but within the first bite, logic was thrown out the window. I'll take a giant $4 caramel filled cupcake any day.    

I got the Toffee Coffee! 

Meeting new people can be hard to some people, even for me. When I first received the invite I thought, this seems like fun, but I don't know these people. People join the Lolita fashion for different reasons, some solely for the clothes and the happiness that it brings. But the one common thing that it brings is a sense of community and togetherness. While Lolita appears to separate us from society and its norms, both physically and mentally, I've made so many friends thanks to this fashion. And because of this meetup, I'm glad to say that I have more.

°˖✧ 'Till next time

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