Friday, February 20, 2015

°˖✧✝ Gotta Get my Bat On: New B.P.N. Blouse ✝✧˖°

My blouse isn't from Putumayo. I couldn't
find an official stock photo of the blouse,
so I used a picture that looked like it.
(And I just love Riku.)

Thanks to a friend I now possess a bat wing collar blouse! And what's more, I get to say that I now own an item from Black Peace Now (B.P.N.).

Ani't it cute?
I have an urge to do a crappy black x white Ouji outfit with it.
Cue the black x white stripped knee socks!

I've been trying to find a blouse with a collar like this for the longest, but could never find one. And even though I could find many blouses with pointed collars, the bat wing one would never show up. I needed one to fuel my desires, and a pointed one would not suffice! I know I may sound finicky, but the two, pointed and bat wing, are just not the same.  

LEFT: Bat Wing Collar RIGHT: Pointed Collar
And there's Riku again!
I promise, I don't have a weird obsession with him (I do).

So I nearly jumped out of my seat when I scrolled past one of my Lolita friend's online sales album with the blouse up for sale. And the price was just as unbelievable too. She was selling it for only $25! She said she got it from a buyer off of Yahoo!Japan, and that it was sold to her at a cheap price also. The funny thing is that while she just started buying secondhand clothes from Yahoo!Japan, and I've been for a while, she's the one who finds such great pieces! I now see that she brings good luck, so I have to have her next to me the next time I'm on an auction site, hehehe~   

As many of you know, I've just recently claimed to be an Old School Lolita, even though I've admired the style for many years. So even before I committed myself to Lolita fashion, I already had a soft spot for its older style, particularly because of my love of Gothic Visual Kei. Before I get a ton of hate mail criticizing my interests that contain lines like "Get your Visual Kei out of my Lolita," I would like to go on record saying that I know that Visual Kei doesn't epitomizes Lolita fashion. However, I would be lying if I were to say that there wasn't a time when both styles influenced and helped propel the other in the light of pop culture. 

Therefore, many of the Old School Lolita styles that I love stems from the visual styling of Goth Japanese band members during the '90's, one of them being bat wing collars (or bat wing anything, to be honest). So when I see bat wing collars, all I see is Shina, the ex vocalist of NOi'X.

He wasn't the only one to wear this type of blouse, but he certainly seemed to be the poster child for it, at least to me anyway. You could count on Shina to wear a bat wing collar blouse. He even wore one to NOi'X's last live. But, I can't give all of my praise to Visual Kei. Even though Shina has never said that he was a Lolita or dressed in the style, it's quite obvious that most of his "feminine" costumes were influenced by Lolita fashion.    

Blogger wouldn't let me load the NOi'X Flowers PV where Shina wears 
his signature blouse, so here is a different video, just because. 
So who should I thank for instilling my love for bat motifs, Visual Kei or Lolita? *shrugs shoulders* Eh, I guess I can thank both. I have enough gratitude to go around. 

°˖✧ 'Till next time


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