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°˖✧✝ My Hopes for "BABY Classical Series" ✝✧˖°

So, you really thought I wasn't going to write about the new BABY series, huh? What kind of an Old School Lolita fashion blogger would I be if I didn't? 

Since the series' initial update on BABY's website, I've been receiving messages like "You were right, Old School is coming back" or "I bet you're so happy!" And while some jokingly complimented me on my premonition by calling me some sort of mystic, the latter were right, I was extremely happy. Though, I had my doubts about the series. Upon learning the name, I thought it was just another Classic series for Classic Lolitas. But after actually visiting the update page, I soon realized that "Classical" meant old or vintage, with alludes to the older styles of Lolita. Even without reading the post's text, the picture of a drawn Old School Lolita, who was once used for BABY's advertisements, rendered me with such high spirits.

LEFT: Older BABY advertisement from FRUiTS Magazine (I believe from 2002) RIGHT (Source: BABY's website): Current website picture used to promote new "BABY Classical Series"  

There weren't any pictures of the series on the page, so all of  us Old School enthusiast and BABY lovers rushed to see the preview pictures on BABY's and Midori's Tiwtter. There were only two pictures up and both definitely utilized Old School dresses and style. I automatically recognized the black JSK as BABY's Flower Cart JSK (2006). And from there, I assumed that the pink JSK had to be a re-release as well, even though I couldn't make out its design. Later I found out it was BABY's Ribbon Princess Drop (2008).

Days after the initial update, we now know that this "Classical" series is just a way for BABY to re-release their old designs. Though, I don't know why they're labeling this as a "new" series since there's nothing new about it; they're just repackaging old dresses. And while I'm thankful for their initiative to pay homage to their past works, this reproduction seems like a mere nod of recognition than a celebratory tribute like the the written prologue for this series would suggest.

I translated the text with Google Translate because I'm too lazy to try translating it on my own. The translation is a bit wonky, but with lines like "I want to reaffirm the the charm of [the] clothes itself," "In a little nostalgic, [we] still love those clothes..." or "Surely, [they] should revive the pure feelings when I started Lolita," I envisioned these words describing more vintage designs than those in the preview.


More drawn BABY advertisements from FRUiTS Magazine (I believe from 2000)

Maybe it was the old BABY advertisement they used that made me think in such a way, but I thought that this new "Classical" series was going to be an actual new line of clothes designed with and Old School aesthetic. And by Old School, I thought they meant starting with designs 10+ years back, not 5+. I would think that reviving "the pure feelings" BABY had when they started Lolita would be more around 2000 and not 2006. (And yes, I know BABY was founded in the late '80s, but before the 90's most of their products weren't Lolita, but Otome. As you can see from the above advertisements, the late '90s into the early '00s is where their complete vision of Lolita began to form.)  

So, my spirits weren't floating as high when I found out that this series was only going to be a bunch of select re-releases (MID POST RANT: How is this series any different from when they always re-release their Elizabeth OP or Babydoll JSK? Like, really, can someone explain this to me? Would any of those re-releases be considered "new"?). But after speaking with a friend about it, all I can see are positives. And I look forward to how this series will effect Lolita fashion.    

◊ My Hopes for "BABY Classical Series":

  • "BABY Classical Series" to be a Recurring Series
I really hope that this series won't be a one time thing. Along with the confirmed dresses in the series, there are so many other designs that deserve re-releasing as well. If we've learn anything from Lolita fashion, we know that a series will come and go. When it's gone, it's gone. But I will remain optimistic about this series' motive. It does seem to have a different intent to trigger emotions. So I hope that there will be another series like this to to cater to those overwhelming feelings that the prologue has described. And more "Classical" series would mean more designs being re-released.    
  • Different Styles Represented (if the series is recurring)
While most of the styles from is series is Sweet, I'm glad to see BABY's Hem Scalloped Tartan Check JSK (2002) apart of the series. The JSK can still be considered Sweet, but it's more of an unconventional pattern design in regards to the current Sweet sub-style. If there were another "Classical" series, I would imagine more of BABY's beloved unconventional pieces showcased, which would mean even more variety from the brand. And lets not forget that while BABY focuses on the Sweet sub-style, they still made clothes that could be worked into Gothic and Classic wardrobes as well. So I would also love to see those representations in another BABY Old School series.           
  • Further and Better Old School Representation 
As an Old School enthusiast, I find a lot is riding on this series. How well it does could make or break the progression of Old School's current resurgence. Hopefully, this urge to channel more nostalgic designs and dresses from the designers will lead them to incorporate these elements into new designs. Just like how brands are pushing this idea of "Grown Up Lolita (Otona Lolita)," I believe that they can do the same re-imaging for Old School. I really think that Old School Lolita can to styled to fit today's aging, fashion forward Lolita, just like how BABY does with this "Classical Series."

More pictures are now up for the "BABY Classical Series" in their gallery. Please take a look and tell me what you think!

°˖✧ 'Till next time

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