Thursday, December 31, 2015

°˖✧✝ New Demonia Boots ✝✧˖°

There are may hurtles and shortcomings that stop me from obtaining the right kind of platforms in this day of age, but life decided to cut me a break this one time and presented me with a pair too beautiful for words...

In a desperate attempt to find a new pair of cute shoes, I went on Ebay a few weeks ago searching any sales post incorporating the words  like "black platform heel" or "chunky heel mary jane shoe." But after finding nothing that fit my tastes, I remembered a certain Demonia boot I've always wanted and decided to find them in any reasonably priced sells post. Sure, I was looking for shoes at first, but I soon realized how close winter was, and thought boots would be for the best. Or maybe I was just looking for an excuse to buy new shoes either way. I'm pretty sure it was both.  

Now, I would like to go on the record saying that the majority of Demonia boots aren't really made in a way to complement Lolita fashion, part of the reason being is that they are designed with a more modern take on Western Gothic fashion. Also, many of Demonia's designs cater more to Cyber Goth and the club-goer aspect of the Gothic sub-culture, which isn't really something that  our fashion emulates. But, depending on the design, a few of them are workable. 

What I was looking for.

Keeping this in mind, I decided to look for a plainer lace up boot that would make an impact in my outfits, but wouldn't over shadow them. During my search, I not only found out the product number of this boot, which is MEGA 602, but I also found a post selling different pairs of Demonia boots. The best thing about this occurrence, though, was that the seller also listed the other boots' product number, which made my new search even easier! 

What I found.

At first glance, none of these boots show much promise, but take a closer look at the first boot. It's the plainest one, and yet the one with the most potential! Do they remind you of anything in our fashion?

How about now?
I know, they aren't exactly the same, but similar.

Moi meme Moitie's Men's Stretch Long Boots (2002) 

You're probably thinking "Hey, but what happened to the first pair of boots you wanted, the MEGA ones?" Well, to be honest, they were a bit expensive (around $90+ everywhere they were listed, not including shipping), and compared to the cheaper price of the other ones (which were around $60), I decided I could wait a bit longer to get them. However, the listing didn't have my size.

So with the product number of the new pair of boots I found, which is CHOPPER 100, I went about looking for another sale's listing with a pair in my size. My search lead me to Amazon in this listing here. They had my size and free shipping! I ended up only paying $58.95 for everything!! Be warned though, the sizes are in men's and there aren't a wide range of sizes, maybe about four random ones. I was really lucky to have found mine.

But let's get to the fun part- the boots!! When I opened the door and saw that package the mail carrier was struggling to hold, I thought there was a mistake. "No way I had ordered something that big," I thought. But my name was on it, so it had to be mine.

The package was huge!
I couldn't even put it all in the picture.

The package was also heavy. After opening the package, I was glad to see that the boots weren't actually as big as the box it came in. I was also very happy to see that the boots came in their own shoe box. I've heard of people receiving shoes in shoe boxes when they order online, but that never happened to me until now. So yes, I got really excited over a shoe box. 

But could you blame me? I mean. look at it.
Have you ever seen a shoe box this pretty?

And yeah, shoe box was smaller than the box it was
shipped in, but only slightly. It's still huge!

The boots were individually wrapped in plastic bags and were covered with a sheet of really cute wrapping paper with the Demonia logo printed in a horizontal pattern on it in silver. Everything that came with the boots was so pretty! I want to keep the box, but it takes up so much space. And I already made the mistake of ripping the wrapping paper. That made me so sad. 

These are the tallest shoes I own now,
but of course I want ones that are taller.

Heel Height: 5 1/2 inches
Platform Height: 3 1/2 inches

I haven't gotten any pictures of me wearing the boots yet, but I've tried them on and worn them out twice. I'll admit, the first time I put them on was a bit strange- everything was a lot lower. But after walking around in them the second time, the height didn't bother me. However, the one problem I still have from time to time is walking up stairs. Sometimes, I don't lift my foot up high enough for the bottom of the boot to reach the next stair and I end up hitting the front of the boot on the stair instead of stepping up on it. But that's understandable since I have to take in account of the boot's platform and raise my foot 3 1/2 inches higher than I normally do. Other than that, I'm completely happy with them! I'm just trying my best not to bend or scuff them up too much like my other shoes. I guess that shoe box will come in handy after all!

°˖✧ 'Till next time

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