Sunday, June 12, 2016

°˖✧✝ Summer ILD 2016 ✝✧˖°

I just wrote about my previous International Lolita Day (ILD) last year in a post before this, so now lets skip half a year to the most current one, summer ILD 2016.  

For this outing, one of my friends suggested going to a karaoke place in New York City. (We were originally going to do something else, but changed our minds at the last moment.) I've never officially went to a karaoke place where you can rent a private room, so, naturally, I was excited when the opportunity arrived. I'm not too familiar with karaoke places in New York City, I only know of one, but apparently, there are a lot of them. So I  was glad we left he task of choosing which one to go to up to our friend, who organized the event. She ended up picking Karaoke DUET 48.

So my friend reserved a room for four hours, from 2 o'clock to 4 o'clock, which surprised me. Four hours doing karaoke just seemed a little too much for me. And even though my friend ensured that the time would fly by quickly, I decided to come midway, at 4 o'clock.  But of course, life seemed to have other plans for me, and I ended up doing things other than planed. 

On the day of ILD, I go up so early and was even two hours ahead of schedule, which is really rare for me! I though about just going to the karaoke place at 2 o'clock, but stuck with original plan at arriving two hours later. So I just ended up wasting time at home and decided to do some light grocery shopping (there was so much time to waste!!!). The good thing was that I at least had plenty of time to get to my train. The bad thing was that once I got to the city, the subway train I had to get on wasn't on line that day and  I ended up getting on the wrong train! It was an innocent mistake, but, in the end, it caused me to walk twelve New York City blocks (they're much longer than regular blocks)! But it was still nice out, so I enjoyed taking in some of the sights.       

Is it a bear? Or is it a frog?
I can't tell.     

After the lengthy walk, I finally was able to arrive at the karaoke room, but at 5 o'clock and not 4 o'clock liked I had planed! I only wanted to be at the karaoke place for about two hours, but it looked like I was only going to be there for an hour. Luckily though, the karaoke place had a special were costumers would be able to rent a room up to 7 o'clock for only $14! So I ended up getting my two hours in the end. And my friend was right. The times does go by fast. I was there for only two hours, but it only felt like one hour. I was having so much fun singing with my friends that I hardly noticed the time. 

One of the most memeorable was when one of my friends played The GazzettE's song, "Inside Beast." It was so unexpected. Well, not for her, since she loves The GazettE. But it was a real shock when the instrumental started playing after a ballad.  

After we were done with the karaoke we decided to head out to a restaurant to eat. It started raining while we were walking and didn't show any signs of letting up. And that's when someone remembered that we hadn't taken outfit shots yet. Even though it was raining, we tried our best to get clear shots.

Turtleneck: Moi meme Moitie
Skirt: Moi meme Moitie
Boots: Demonia
Headdress: BABY, the Stars Shine Bright

The white band around my wrist is from
the karaoke place.

Because of the rain, we stopped at a closer restaurant than we had planed, and stopped at a place called Wild Ginger. The restaurant had a lot of different Eastern Asian dishes, and was a bit fancy, which taken me aback at first. I've had my share of "fancy" dishes, and they just don't hold up in my opinion. But the dish I had was very good. I would definitely go back a second time.    

Crispy duck with fried rice.
The plate also comes with baby bak choy and hoisin sauce.

°˖✧ 'Till next time


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