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°˖✧✝ Winter ILD 2015 ✝✧˖°

(I know, this post is so late! I have so many old meetups that I haven't blogged about yet, so I'm going to be mixing older and current event posts for awhile.) 

Even if I don't get a chance to participate in any of the regular meetups created by the Lolita communities I'm in, I do at least try to do something special for International Lolita Day (ILD). And on the last one in December, my Lolita friends decided to celebrate another one of our friend's birthday on the same day, which was great, because she's a Lolita too. I didn't have a problem with it and thought having both at the same time would be cute. Doubling ILD as a birthday celebration for a friend just made the day even more special and enjoyable.

Because of the special day, Sabrina wanted us to go all out and experience having tea at fancy hotel. We knew it was going to be expensive, but we wanted to be a little adventurous and spurge for at least a day. So, we ended up dinning in the Pembroke Room at the Lowell Hotel in New York City.

The hotel was very elegant and because it was December, the lobby was decorated with a warm, yet sophisticated, Christmas feel. There was even complementary hot apple cider!

We had to wait awhile for everyone to arrive, but once we were all there, we were quickly ushered upstairs to our reserved table. From what I saw, the Pembroke Room is pretty small, no bigger than an average living room. This feature made the atmosphere a bit homey, but all the while still being deluxe. There were even love seats at the ends of our table! I decided to sit on the end with my friend Ashley. Because we were so close together on the love seat, all of the pictures of us made it look like we were on a date!

I don't think our date is going too well, hahaha~
It looks like Ashley is ready for the check.

After getting settled and picking out our teas, the staff eventually brought out our trays of finger sandwiches and savory options. There were about six different options for this selection- cucumber and watercress, chicken curry salad, lobster roll, dill egg and cornichon salad, Scottish smoked salmon, and caviar blinis.

Sabrina had a fancy-schmancy camera,
so all of her pictures came out looking beautiful. 

Next, came our desserts and scones with lemon curd and cream. I believe the type of scones varies on the day, so I don't quite remember which one I had. But, for desserts, we had petit fours, assorted fruit tarts, macaroons, and other French pastries, like eclairs. I love sweets, so I was glad to see a variety of desserts larger than what other tearooms provide.  

Here you can see what a Lolita actually does during a meetup- take pictures!

The tarts were so cute!

But no amount of sweets could soften the blow of what came next- the check! Everyone got the  $55 Classic Pembroke Tea, which was what everyone was expected to pay. But, apparently, with taxes and tip, everyone ended up paying $80 each (and it was eleven of us)! That price through us in such a spiral. It was so much, and, compared to other tearooms, it wasn't worth it. We could have gotten a better selection, including the teas, for less than half the price than what we got at the hotel. But that's what we get for trying to be fancy. 

Look at all of those twenty dollar bills!

This is the money Lolita.
Reblog in the next thirty seconds and you'll get
$100 toward your dream dress.

After paying, we wanted to leave as fast as we could so we could take outfit shots outside in better light. 

Birthday girl, Sabrina, in the middle.

While we were taking pictures, I started to look around the area and notice how gorgeous the neighborhood was (But we were in Manhattan, the frou-frou part of New York, so I guess that's to be expected). Right next door to the hotel, there was a nice building with a glorious stone structure on the outside and and a beautiful, black iron gate. I decided I wanted my picture taken there, instead of one at the front of the hotel. If I'm not mistaken, I believe the building was an apartment building!  
I edited the picture to give us that Mana glow, hahaha~

OP: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Metamorphose temps de fille
Accessories: Handmade or Thrifted 

Some of my other friends wanted to loiter with me and
take pictures in front of the building too.

And lastly, here is our group shot! I think it came out very nicely. Blogger wouldn't let me upload the video, but if you can, please take a look at on of my friend's vlog of this day here.

Look at our Sweet to Gothic rainbow!

°˖✧ 'Till next time

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